A draft stormwater management plan to mitigate flood threats to residents living in the catchment areas of Brown Hill and Keswick creeks will be presented to the Stormwater Management Authority for consideration in early 2012.

“Last year the SMA gave the councils a deadline of 30 April 2011 to prepare the revised plan, however there is more investigation and discussion that needs to be undertaken”, said Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project Director Michael Salkeld.

“All five councils (Cities of Adelaide, Burnside, Mitcham, Unley and West Torrens) have now agreed on the timing and process to prepare the draft stormwater management plan by mid this year and then engage the community to ensure the final version meets community expectations.

“Once we have collated and considered the community’s comments, we propose to finalise the draft of the new plan and present it to the SMA by February 2012.”

Mr Salkeld said the original plan, which proposed $105 million worth of flood mitigation works for the Brown Hill and Keswick creeks area, had been a complex project for a number of years, with some local residents frustrated over delays in its progress. All councils have agreed on a new direction forward and Mr Salkeld is confident this will provide a satisfactory outcome for the community.

“Work has in recent months been steadily progressing and it’s positive to see that the project has the backing of all five councils involved.”

Many homes near the Brown Hill and Keswick creeks would be affected by a 1-in-100 year flood event.

Community engagement with affected communities is expected to be carried out in September/October this year.