Stormwater flow from Keswick Creek will be diverted into lower Brown Hill Creek (downstream of Anzac Highway) in order to reduce the risk of flooding from Keswick Creek in the Showgrounds precinct and downstream areas including Ashford, Mile End South, Keswick, Hilton and Richmond. These project works include:

  • diversion of high stormwater flow in Keswick Creek around the section of creek between Le Hunte Street, Wayville and the railway corridor, to discharge it back into Keswick Creek at the Keswick Barracks (‘Le Hunte Street diversion’);
  • expanding the capacity of the open channel in the Keswick Barracks; and
  • diverting a proportion of high stormwater flow from Keswick Creek into lower Brown Hill Creek via twin culverts under Anzac Highway.

The Flow Diversion sub-project is outlined in Section 10.4 of the 2016 Stormwater Management Plan.