The stormwater projects to be delivered in metropolitan Adelaide under the Stormwater Management Plan (SMP) are best described as eight sub-projects:

1. Brown Hill Creek Diversion (DPTI)
In conjunction with the Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project, a section of Brown Hill Creek in Forestville was diverted by the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure in 2013 as part of its Goodwood Junction rail upgrade project.

2. Ridge Park Flood Control Dam
A flood control dam on Glen Osmond Creek in Ridge Park Reserve, Myrtle Bank, has been constructed to reduce peak stormwater flow in the Creek and the risk of downstream flooding.

3. Glenside
These works will limit flow to the existing capacity of the culvert under the Fullarton and Greenhill Roads intersection. 

4. South Park Lands
These works will manage flooding from Park Lands Creek and within downstream residential areas.

5. Lower Brown Hill Creek Upgrade
Sections of Lower Brown Hill Creek will be upgraded to increase its capacity to accommodate existing peak stormwater flows from upper Brown Hill Creek.

6. Flow Diversions
Stormwater flow from Keswick Creek will be diverted into lower Brown Hill Creek to reduce the risk of flooding in the Showgrounds precinct and downstream areas.

7. Upper Brown Hill Creek Upgrade
These works are twofold in upgrading the capacity of the creek and remediating its condition to assist flow and improve biodiversity.

8. Glen Osmond Creek Minor Upgrade Works
Flooding risk has been reduced in previous years by extending an underground culvert however further works are required including bridges.

There is a logical progression in which Brown Hill Keswick Creek Stormwater Project works need to be delivered with consideration to:

  • The relative effectiveness of the individual works.
  • The requirement to ensure the staging of works does not result in the temporary transfer of a flood problem elsewhere.
  • Works involving temporary detention of flood waters can proceed at any time. They provide benefit even if other works are not completed.
  • Channel upgrades should progress from downstream to upstream and should follow the construction of flood detention works, because channel upgrades are sized for reduced outflows from upstream detention systems.
  • The flow diversions from Keswick Creek to Brown Hill Creek must be staged to follow the Lower Brown Hill Creek upgrade.

Stage 1
Flood detention: Ridge Park flood control dam and South Park Lands and Glenside

Stage 2
Lower Brown Hill Creek upgrade

Stage 3
Flow diversions from Keswick Creek to Brown Hill Creek

Stage 4
Upper Brown Hill Creek Upgrade, including Brown Hill Creek Diversion (DPTI Culvert)

Stage 5
Glen Osmond Creek minor upgrade works

Currently, delivery of these metropolitan Adelaide stormwater projects is scheduled over 20 years with completion in 2036.

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