2015 Community Consultation on Part B Report

Community consultation was carried out on the proposed flood mitigation measures for upper Brown Hill Creek between May 13 and June 23, 2015. The consultation process included four open days for residents to learn more about proposed Part B works and provide feedback to project staff.

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Please note that the 2015 Community Consultation Report was originally issued on 12 August 2015. The report was re-issued on 7 September 2015 with the following changes:

  • A note regarding the separate Appendices Report (dated July 2015) has been added to the Contents (page ii)
  • A clerical error in Figure 2 (pages 7 and 43) regarding the percentage of  ‘All creek property owners’ respondents who selected  ‘unsure’
  • A clerical error in the first sentence on page 43 to include reference to Table 3-15
  • An explanatory note has been added following Table 3-15 (page 45) to clarify why Table 3-15 refers to 87 respondents compared to 88 respondents in Table 3-14
  • A clerical error in Figure 5 (pages 9 and 50) and accompanying Table 3-18 (page 51) has been corrected replacing ‘A1’ with ‘A2’ (as explained in the body of the report in the first dot point on page 50)

The outcomes of the community consultation process were reported to the five catchment councils. In September 2015, the five catchment councils unanimously agreed on Option D – ‘Creek Capacity Upgrade’ – as the preferred option for Part B Works, enabling the project’s Stormwater Management Plan to be finalised for the Stormwater Management Authority’s approval.

2011 Community Consultation
Community consultation was carried out on the draft 2011 SMP between 31 October and 12 December 2011. The process included the mail-out of the Summary Brochure to over 20,000 addresses in the catchment community, and public open days at Mitcham, Unley and West Torrens Council centres. The following information for the community was provided at the time. Some of this information has since been superseded by more up to date information under Projects.

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